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Anonymous asked:

What would it matter if I killed myself tonight?


Yes. It would matter. Every suicide directly effects on average at least 14 people. I am now one of the 14 people. If you died, I wouldn’t be able to forget it. I would tell myself that I should have gotten on tumblr sooner to answer this. I should have been there when someone really needed me. I would put little bits of blame on myself for your death. And I don’t even know who you are but I do know that you matter. Every single living thing on this earth matters. Every single thing. That includes you, me, every blade of grass and every leaf you see. 

And the people who read this? Now they’re effected too. The thought will stay with some longer than others. They’ll be sad, scared, nervous that someone will die tonight. I have quite a few followers so at minimum a few hundred will see this. A few hundred will wonder if you lived. They’ll hope that you did. Why? Because god damnit you matter. 

You are important.

You are a human life.

And human lives are beautiful. 

Therefore, you are beautiful. 

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